Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can’t I checkout as a guest?

From experience we have found no benefit to allowing guest checkout. By having an account you are able to trace your order and facilitate easy returns. You aren’t obliged to subscribe to our newsletters and we don’t give information to third parties. You are also free to delete your account at any time.

2. I am experiencing login issues

Please contact Customer Services on and we will get your problem resolved as quick as possible!

4. I would like to spread the cost of my basket however there are no options for instalments.

Currently we are unable to offer instalments due to being a new company, however as soon as we can we will offer this option as we know how helpful this will be to a lot of customers.

5. My natural wooden product is faulty, it has a mark/hole/etc

We try to be as transparent as possible. We sell natural wooden products and they often show the beauty of natural wood through mineral marks, knots and more. Please contact customer services for more assistance if you require further assistance.

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