Has Anybody seen a Story? – Mandana Sadat


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This delightful book by the acclaimed illustrator Mandana Sadat follows three friends as they head off in search of adventure down Fairytale Trail, Poetry Path, Bedtime Boulevard, Future Freeway and the Maze of Mumblings. They soon find out that ‘what ifs’ are what stories are all about…

Once upon a time, there were three Thingummies called Sadie, Spike and Smudge. They lived in the middle of Nowhere in a place called Floatyfish, surrounded by soft fluffy clouds. The Thingummies had everything they needed – plenty of water, plenty of fresh air, and plenty of flutterberries, a delicious kind of flying fruit that you catch with a net.

One day, Sadie sighed. ‘We can’t stay here doing nothing,’ she said. ‘What we need is a story.’ ‘But why?’ asked Spike. ‘I like doing nothing.’ ‘Well, I’m bored with it,’ said Sadie. ‘And I bet the people reading this book are bored too. Just look at them! They’ve been watching us for a few pages now.’ ‘Those people up there?’ asked Smudge. ‘Don’t worry about them. They look harmless enough to me.’ ‘Don’t be so lazy, you two!’ Sadie said. ‘Come on, let’s see if we can find an adventure of our own.’ So Spike packed a bundle full of flutterberries, and the three of them set off in search of a story.

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